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Monday, May 16, 2011

Grateful and Blessed

This past week has been filled with many grace-filled moments as well as many tough things to ride through, but as always He is with me.. that will always be at the top of any thankful list I create.

191. So much love shown on Mother's Day.
192. A wonderful and generous sister's heart.
193. God's constant life lessons.
194. Clothes flapping in the sunshine.
195. Moments of clarity from the Holy Spirit.
196. His awesome love and tender forgiveness.
197. That His Hand is always there, leading and guiding.
198. My daughter being home from college for summer!
199. Wonderful heart to heart moments and girl talk!
200. That I am a SAHM and can care for the sick members of my family today!

A short time ago I wrote a post where I shared a video by Josh Groban. In that post I talked a bit about the darkness of depression and self-mutilation, bulimia etc.  When I wrote that post I had no idea how close to home a dark demon was pressing. I learned recently that when  I had shared this post and video with someone close to me, she had been dancing on the abyss, pressed by this unholy presence.

 I thank the Holy Spirit for the inspiration, for guiding and leading me to places I do not plan to go. I thank Him for the Grace to be obedient and I pray that I will always obey His promptings. By saying yes to the prompting of His Spirit we never know what good works He is able to accomplish.

 Praise God for He is Mighty and Awesome!

I pray that you will have the grace to be obedient to His promptings and that you will shine brightly for Jesus!


Carol said...

Enjoyed your list. I am also grateful for a son coming home from college for a couple of weeks--and also grateful that I am able to assist family members recovering from surgery. It is a season of our life.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Lisa Maria,

Such wonderful things to be thankful for...especially the leading of the Holy Spirit!

It is so true that we must obey His gentle promptings and allow Him to minister through us.

Blessings to you,

signingcharity said...

It is amazing how many people are dancing on the abyss of depression. I have been battling PPD. IT has been a long road where I received encouragement from many.

Crystal said...

Love 198 and 199. I love those things also.

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you ladies for blessing my blog with your lovely comments.

signingcharity, I pray that God will give you grace to see you through, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for visiting my place.

Tami Boesiger said...

Yes, may we have the courage to follow His every prompting. Well said.