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Monday, May 23, 2011

Thankful For It All

Oh what a crazy week I've had.. nothing went according to plan. Family members stayed home from work and school because of illness. I, myself got the flu too and I didn't get much done on my 'to do' lists. Yet, I could be grateful that I was right where I was, where my family needed me to be.  I'm most grateful that I got the flu last of all, so I could take care of everyone else first. Grace abounds in all situations.. God uses bad to create good!

201. Girlie laughter filling the house.
202. Evidence that my adolescent/young adult daughters were up late together.
203. Late night chat with my firstborn.
204. Seeing the growth and maturity the months away have wrought.
205. Hearing her dreams and goals.
206. Seeing the beauty in her heart, just waiting to break free
207. Less time on the roads.
208. Words that bless.
209. Snuggling with 4 year old, arms tightly wound around me.
210. Giggles and tickles.
211. Watching her romp with her daddy.
212. Joking with other moms about how I'll never have 'empty nest syndrome' or 'middle aged crisis' and knowing its absolutely true.
213. Chats with my mom.
214. Family movie nights.
215. Hearing older daughters advising their sister.
216. Innocent mischief... precocious answers.
217. Strands of blonde doll hair behind my bedroom door.
218. Scissors and Barbie dolls sitting on top my clothes in wardrobe.
219.  4 year old's reply "Well, their hair was just too long!"
220. Grace to survive motherhood's mad moments! :-)

As I brush the dolls' hair off my clothes and rush out the door.. I wish all of you a bright, Jesus-filled day as you too count the graces and blessings He alone can provide!


Crystal said...

Love all of them.

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you Crystal! Hope all is well in your nest.

Kristin Bridgman said...

No picking here, they are all wonderful. Although, #219 made me giggle:) A blessed home you have indeed.

"Ima" said...

I just love reading your "thankful" list. It always makes me smile. Tonight, my little Brianna (we call her Bee) didn't bring me doll hair, but she did bring me her doll leg. :)

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you Kristin and 'Ima'! Its taken me awhile but I'm finally counting myself blessed in all things. When my Brianna (we call her Bree) was that age and doing these things, I was an impatient momma who would have punished her. I thank God for the grace He's bestowed that allowed me to smile instead. As Bree, now 20, would say "Its all good!" :-)

Kristin said...

Google won't let me comment so I'm going to see if I can get through using Url. . .