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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mad Hatter's Tea Party & Lessons from the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Its been hectic and as manic as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at my house (and I'm afraid that my house is showing the effects) Lots of comings and goings, appointments to keep, baking, making and purchasing teachers' presents. We've had graduations and celebrations, outings and parties.  We've had hard decisions to make about our girls' futures, expenses, savings, finances, lots of talks and the kind of thinking that gives you a headache!

Yeah, I just feel a little loopy like the Mad Hatter himself (or maybe I'm the March Hare) ;-) Anyway with all this going on I have not been able to go before the Lord for many days. I have been feeling spiritually drained, empty, dry.. well, you get the picture. The burdens of daily life and the extra stuff going on have threatened to crush me.

Until today, when I went before my Lord and Maker again. Such peace, such love, such an outpouring of grace... and wisdom! Oh how He fills my heart with His truths. My lesson for today?

Last Friday the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Its a wonderful day to honour the tender, precious heart of  Jesus and his merciful, kind and generous love  for us. I'll write some more on this another time.
Christ's Sacred heart drawing image with Cross free download religious drawings and Christian background pictures for desktop

"Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest" Matt 11:28. This is the verse that is under the image of the Sacred Heart that I keep in my home. There is a story behind this image and you will find it here.

This is what Jesus is saying to all of us:

Come, rest in my Heart a while. Lay your burdens down, be refreshed. I give you strength to face another day. Your burdens are often of your own making. You spend so much energy and time planning, plotting, over-analyzing, worrying.  RELEASE and SURRENDER completely to me. My love is infinite, my knowledge and wisdom infinite.. can you not trust your future to Me? Can you let go of your desire to control using your limited human understanding, knowledge and reasoning? Let your spirit be at peace, let not your heart be troubled.. I have all things in My charge. Be patient, stop worrying about the future.. it is not yours but MINE. All will be well.. have faith. Trust in this Heart that loves you so much. There is no need for fear, worry or anxiety."

I left the presence of  my Lord, feeling lighter and refreshed, ready to tackle the troubles of the day. Funny thing though, while I was still before Him, I heard this old song in my head. I thought I'd share it with you. Maybe, just maybe, in the crazy, tumultuous tides of my ever busy life, I will hear this song and know these are the words my Saviour is always whispering to me.. "Lay your troubles on my shoulder, put your worries upon me and rest in my love for a while"

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Jen said...

Amen. I so need to remember that He is the burden bearer, not me!

"Ima" said...

What a great post-He does carry our burdens much better than we do yes? And sitting with Jesus does something amazing. So glad you reminding me to sit with Him. And this song-it is a great song to think about Jesus saying that to us, to lay our troubles on His shoulders, the only shoulders that can carry it. Plus, I totally use to love Olivia Newton John.

Danielle said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! That is so funny that we both think in song lyrics..lol! I love that song by ONJ and Andy Gibb!!!