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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful for the Small Moments

Another week speeding by counting out the last few days of July. Can you believe it?  My girls have been out of school for a month already and they've only got 5 more weeks of vacation. My eldest boards a plane in just about a week to head back to college. How quickly time slips away.. how foolish we are not to treasure the smallest moments.

Lynn has asked us to share a miracle that the Lord revealed to us.. well I feel so blessed to have so many of these that I don't even know which one to share. I could tell you about the time I had an awful toothache and I asked God to take it away so that I could concentrate on the worship service I was at.. He did! It was years later that I actually went to the dentist to have that tooth fixed!

Or I could tell you about the time I got in an accident where I hit someone from behind..hard enough that my bonnet crumpled, lights smashed, children banged about, stuff under the hood damaged. Yet the lady I hit didn't feel that hard a bump (in fact she wasn't sure she'd been hit) and her car was barely dented... an angel perhaps? That's my theory.. an angel stood between us to prevent us from having to pay for damage to her car as well as our own.

I could tell you about when my husband's job was made redundant and he was given a severance pay that lasted us 8 months...just as it was about to finish, the Lord provided a job for him. As Lynn says in her post today.. the Lord always provides just enough.. never too much, never too little. All praise and thanks to Him!

Thankful to our merciful Lord for:

Walks on the beach holding hands with my soul mate and best friend
Laughter and frolicking at the water's edge.
Sand sculptures, holes and pools dug up and left.
Shells and sand dollars collected by my four year old.
Pride as I watch her take her first attempt at swimming.. minus her armfloats.
Movies watched lying on cushions, snacks all around.
Card games and board games.
Sharing the kitchen with my eldest daughter.. such a treat.
Hearing her say how much she loves my cooking.. how much she'll miss it.
The smell of cookies and cakes and goodies galore, filling up the house.
Smiles on the faces of all those indulging.
Snuggling up on a cold rainy day.
Road trips... Wiggles songs playing much to the older ones' disgust.
The joy and excitement of an energetic four year old on the playground.
Watching her try to 'play tennis'.
Worshiping our Lord in the pouring rain.
Young people who brave the elements to give praise.
The outpouring of the Spirit.. raining down blessings.
An unexpected evening out with my husband.
Giggles and squeals and toilet paper wars.
The generosity and kindness of family.
Chats that open doors once firmly closed.


Shanda said...

Oh Lisa Maria, It is so important to count our blessings. I wanted to reply by email to your comment on my blog but there was no email. So I will just say here that you are right. It is not what we have that matters but what we do with it and who we bless. For one day none of this will matter anymore and things will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Maria,

You;re so lucky. I love the walks along the beach and the raining down of blessings

Kristin Bridgman said...

God is STILL in the miracle business...some day I'll share the long story of how God stood up a 75 foot tree in my back yard! Interested? :)

Lisa Maria said...

Kristin.. of course I'm interested!!! Whenever you have the time... I have the ears ;-)