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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bouquets for God

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Earlier this week I wrote my mission statement for the Homemaker's Challenge I'm doing on Sarah Mae's e-book 31 Days to Clean. In doing so, I searched for inspiration, some quotes, biblical reference, something that would be my motivational tool.

God had a big surprise for me.. not only did I find it, but it has put a whole new light on my vocation as wife, mother, sister, daughter. A whole new light on my purpose in life. As I examined my motives for being a homemaker and what my purpose is, I was reminded that God has always told me that my life is about LOVE. Everything I do is to be done with love!

With that in mind, I was led to St Therese of Lisieux, also known as "the little flower", a saint whose life embodied this principle. She considered her every action to be one she could offer to God. Everything she did was done with this in mind.. with love for God. She likened it to flowers being strewn along the way for Him.

What a lovely concept... that every action I do today and every day, if I do it with love and the proper motives, I can offer them to God. A big beautiful bouquet to offer to Him at the end of each day!

Within the poem below is all the elements that I strive to live by.. obedience to God, reliance on His provision, understanding that all I do is for love of Him and that I must give all of myself to the life and vocation He has blessed me with.

Upon reflection.. I believe that these elements are what make up our vocation as mothers.. especially the giving all of ourselves, relying on God to provide for us the strength we need, to fill us up when we're on empty. Our faith is the rock on which we build our homes.. with many of us relying on single incomes, we have to be good stewards of what our husbands provide.

We are lights to our children and spouses firstly. We are our children's first teachers and He calls us to lead them to Him.. like beacons.

Our homes are our altars, our work.. our prayers. We must sacrifice our own desires, needs and put our family's needs first. Our lives ARE oblations. If we could but see that doing all we do to the best of our abilities, we could be offering to God a huge bouquet every single day.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day my beautiful sisters.. may God shine His light on you and may you be truly blessed in your motherhood and in all that your busy life encompasses!

This poem is dedicated to you..

I knelt in church the other day
I bowed my head, I sought to pray
My thoughts they whirled in disarray
I couldn't find the words to say

But suddenly my heart it soared
His gentle voice.. it suddenly roared
I knew that words would not suffice
My heart the only sacrifice

Lip service... its all I give
If my heart cannot forgive
If I cannot love despite
If I do not do what's right

He gave His all for me and now
My all I must give somehow
Poured out as an oblation
My life, my heart, my vocation

He stretches out His loving hand
Be not afraid.. you will withstand
I am beside you all the way
Obey and follow, do not stray

Come my daughter, my little dove
Pour out all your life and love
Do all you do for love of me
Accept what I decide will be

All that you are and have is mine
Use it for my glory to shine
Do all that is pleasing in my sight
Go... shine forth...

Be my little light
Lisa Maria 2011

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GINA said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blog today! Thank you for sharing! Would you do me a favor? I messed up and had to fix the link...would you go back and repost your link? I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

"Ima" said...

This poem is absolutely beautiful. You sure do write well :)I have enjoyed all of your posts today. I love reading your "thankful" list-it is always so encouraging. And I can so be a "Martha". I like to be organized and can spend all day doing it and still not be done. I am so excited for you and your renewed strength and joy. And way to go on your journey towards organizing. I bet your kitchen looks great! Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Lisa Maria said...

Gina..no problem..I'm so techno-challenged myself, I totally empathize ;-)

'Ima'.. you always leave such sweet comments. Thank you! Have a lovely Mother's Day too.