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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm linking up with Thankful Thursdays at Becoming a Strong Woman of God where we're taking up Ann Voskamp's Dare to Live fully right where you are... to embrace everything as a gift. Be sure to view Ann's interview on Sonya's blog, where she gives a little insight into her background and the road that brought her to writing her best-selling book "One Thousand Gifts". I am so happy to be doing this because I believe that what Ann says is correct. We have to find reasons to be thankful and we have to see God's grace in everything.. even things that seem bad.. then we find true joy.


and also at Thankful Thursday hosted by Grace Alone

What I'm thankful for today...

1. For God's love.. so all-encompassing and gentle.
2. For God's faithful provision.. His promise to take care of us that never fails.
3. For God's protection... the might of His hand stretched over us and the angels he sends to protect and guide.
4. For the strength He pours out each day so that we can pick up our crosses and follow Him.
5. For healing, the balm of His touch in areas that have been in darkness
6. For His tenacity in holding on to us.. the Good Shepherd who always comes after the lost sheep.
7. For His river of mercy that flows unceasingly.. washing away the dirt, the old wounds, the marks left by my sin
9. For redemption.. the knowledge that no matter how ugly my sin, He forgives and makes me whole again.. and gives me the promise of Heaven.
10. For Grace filled moments, when I see His hand working in my life, even through the adversities.
11. For God's counsel... the Spirit that brings wisdom and knowledge
12. For His potter's hands.. that are not content to leave me in my erroneous ways, but constantly mold and shape me, bringing me to His perfection.
13. For the gift of faith.. and the testing in the fires that hone it and increase its strength
14. For the knowledge that God will never abandon me.. He holds me in the palm of His hand.
15. For His Divine Mercy... the compassion of His Sacred Heart for all poor sinners.
16. For those moments when I know He has carried me, because I had no strength left.
17. For those moments when I surrendered all and felt Him take the weight of my burdens.
18. For those moments when I felt Him whisper to my soul.. and I felt His great love.
19. For tears of healing.
20. For tears of joy.
21. For the privilege and honour of attending Mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist.
21. For the privilege and honour of visiting Him in a chapel
22. For the blessing of marriage.
23. For my husband.
24. For the blessing of Motherhood.
25. For my four daughters.
26. For the love of family.
27. For God's healing and renewal in my marriage.
28. For the years of learning and growing together.
29. For the growth in relationships.
30. For every blessed moment and every memory created.

Its a long list and there's a lot more.. but I have to leave something more for next week. Isn't it wonderful how that list seems to just have no end in sight once you start? How could we ever stop being grateful to Almighty God. Every day is a gift, every moment, every situation bears His presence. If we could just remember that.. we would always have an overflowing cup of joy.

May God's grace be with you and your family and may you shine brightly for Jesus!

Love & Blessings


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Wonderful list. I love number 10.. I seem to focus on that one a lot "For Grace filled moments, when I see His hand working in my life, even through the adversities."
have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful list. And you are so right, once we start really being grateful...there seems to be no end of all the things to thank Him for! He is so good to us.

Thank you for stopping by my site today, for the kind comments, and the 'follow'. I'm fairly new to the blogging world myself, and I'm so
glad to meet you. I think I'll also check out the other site you linked to for Thankful Thursday.

God bless you!

Sonya said...

Lisa Maria what a great list. You are right once you start you could go on and on and on. It is so awesome to see all of Gods gifts around us when we truly look for them. I am glad that I can see them and embrace who He is all around me all the time!! Thanks for linking up!! Hugs