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Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayer Request

Hi everyone

I hope that you are having a better Friday than most. By now you will have heard of the disastrous earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunamis that have hit and are threatening several places including the west coast of America.

I humbly ask all of you to join with me in praying for those afflicted. We pray that God's mercies will be with everyone and that He will give the strength and courage to all who need it most at this time.

God bless


Jessica Heights said...

I have been praying!!

Crystal said...

My stomach and heart just sink when I hear all the news reports. It is just so sad. Thanks for stopping by. I will also keep your daughter in prayer. We moms need to stick/pray together.

Amie said...

I am praying!!

Kristi Lea said...

Praying with you! I fear these are only going to become more common as the day of of Lord draws near. I pray He will comfort and provide for those facing such loss and devistation from these disasters!