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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you Have Trials?

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This week I linked up with e-Mom and her friends at Chrysalis Cafe http://www.chrysaliscafe.com/
for Marriage Monday. My post was on what advice I could give to newlyweds or engaged couples.

You can read it here http://shinebrightlyforjesus.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-little-secrets-to-making-marriage.html)

As I dug deep to find what my life experiences had taught me to share, I reflected on all the trials that God had taken us through in our marriage and how He gave us strength when we needed it, gave us wisdom when we asked for it.

Looking back I can see how, even when we didn't have a clue, He was preparing us for all that would come... good and bad. I could see how He used every situation to teach us, to purify us, to bring us to greater heights of faith and greater depths of love.

Every Sunday my husband and I pray together for the needs of our family and others and for counsel and wisdom and we seek in the Word a bible passage to guide us and teach us for the week.

This week we got Psalms 138 and 139. These are beautiful Psalms that speak of God's faithful love and provision and His promises. I read them over each day and can find a new verse that applies to my current situation.

Are you going through trials right now? This is what God's Word says to you:

Psalm 138:1 "I thank you, God, with all my heart for you have listened to the cry I uttered."

Psalm 138:2 "You heard me on the day when I called and you gave new strength to my heart."

Psalm 139:1-2 "Lord, you examine me and know me, you know when I sit, when I rise, you understand my thoughts from afar."

Psalm 139:4 "A word is not yet on my tongue before you, oh God, know all about it"

Our loving and compassionate God knows our every need. He listens to our prayers, every word.

Psalm 138:7-8 "Though I live surrounded by trouble you give me life - to my enemies' fury. You stretch out your right hand and save me. My God will do all things for me. Your faithful love endures forever, do not abandon what you have made."

Are you surrounded by trouble? Daily, life throws challenges at us.. financial, health, relationships. God knows this and He gives us the grace to withstand. He gives us the wisdom to know how to deal with each thing, if we ask Him. His love is everlasting and we can trust Him with all our problems.. big or small.

If you are enduring trials, I want to extend to you an invitation. Every Thursday I will be posting a Prayer Request to which you can add your name. You don't have to tell me what its for but your name will be added to a Prayer List and all your intentions will be offered on the Friday. I will be doing this every Friday in Lent.

I also want to mention that a new friend of mine, Kristin, has also extended this offer.. she prays on a Tuesday. You can find her at http://ponderingsbykris.blogspot.com/2011/03/hunger-and-filling.html.

May our great God fill your home, marriage, family and your life with all His graces and blessings.

Shine on for Jesus!

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