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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letting Go and Letting God Provide

This week in the book of James, we're learning about how what we do with our money can make us righteous or unrighteous. Money is a sore issue with me... I never have any! After viewing the video that Angela posted.. I started wondering am I a poor righteous person or a poor unrighteous person... or am I rich? What category do I fit into exactly?

I wrote last week about my life verse (Luke 12:22-32) and the covenant that God formed with me when I had decided to become a homemaker. From that day my dependence has been totally on Him. Money became His business not mine.

My wealth became my family, my home and all that He has blessed me with. My savings are my children's future.. my future is securely in His hands. There are some who may say that it is foolish not to consider provision for those autumn/winter years, but I am being obedient to the One who IS Wisdom. Can I be wiser than He?

I remember the day that I felt called to make the decision to give up my life insurance policy. I turned to the Lord with the same question, "Should I not be concerned with my future and save?" I felt Him speak deep within me "I am the only insurance you will ever need. Trust me to look after you. Your future is in My hands."

In obedience, I gave up the policy, but I am human and there are times, especially in dire financial struggle, when I have wistfully thought of what a nice little nest egg it would have been.

No matter how bleak things look, we make sure to give of our first fruits to Him. We trust in Him and He ALWAYS provides our needs.. sometimes He even provides a bountiful surplus that enables us to have something that we want, but don't need.

There have been times I have not even expressed it aloud, just thought of something and the Lord would bless my request. Psalm 139:4 "A word is not yet on my tongue before you, Oh God, know all about it"

I consider myself rich, because my Lord supplies my need, what's more I know that my treasures are in Heaven ...could I ask for anything more?

James 5:11 "remember it is those who had perseverance that we say are the blessed ones. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and understood the Lord's purpose, realising that the Lord is kind and compassionate."

I consider myself blessed, for the Lord has given me the grace to persevere.

James 5:7 urges us to be patient, as a farmer who plants and must wait for his crop to mature, after being nourished by the summer and autumn rains.

It is hard to be patient.. I pray for patience constantly. I surrender this weakness to God so many times. To wait on the Lord is not easy.. but oh how He rewards patience!

As He gently nourishes me with the rains of His grace and His mercy and Provision... I am strengthened and empowered. All He asks of me is obedience and love. How he blesses that obedience!

Psalm 103:7 "But God's faithful love for those who fear him is from eternity and forever; and His saving justice to their children's children, as long as they keep his covenant and faithfully obey his precepts."

The Lord assures me that my obedience, patience and perseverance shall not go unrewarded - in fact my children and future descendants shall reap the benefits of what I sow now.

What an awesome promise from an awesome God!!

This is my journey with the Lord.. this is His covenant with me and mine with Him. I am called to trust completely.. to let go and surrender my life into His hands. Is it always easy? No, in fact, it is VERY hard, but He gives strength and grace.. there is nothing that He commands us to do that He will not empower us to do.

I pray that as you journey with the Lord, on your own path and with your own covenant, God will continue to shower you with the gentle rain of His mercy, blessings and graces.

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Craig said...

I am here from Ann’s. I know it’s Sunday, but I read the Grateful lists until Saturday – and weekends are for Walk with Him Wednesday. And so, here I am

It's interesting how your study over at Living Well - and Ann's Letting go have collided. No?

Money – Our Lord talked as much about money than any other single topic. For you to have let go of it – to him – that is faith. Faith in this area is one of the hardest to have. You are so obviously walking with Him. Thank you for this.

God Bless and keep you Lisa Marie.
and His face shine upon you…
and all of yours.