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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Song of Praise to God Almighty

What a beautiful Sunday morning! I hope that all my friends are feeling God's loving presence in this day. My family and I have offered Mass in thanksgiving for all the Lord's blessings and graces. He is truly a God of Providence,  a God of Mercy and an Almighty God for whom nothing is impossible. Here is my own little Song of Praise which my talented daughter is putting music to. I wanted to share it with you my friends. I hope that you have a truly blessed Sunday and may God's face shine upon you and your families.


My words are not enough to thank you
Praises do not fall from my lips easily
So may each breath I take be for you
Every deed a chance to say..
How grateful I am for all you've done for me

May each sunset find me as
Another jewel in your crown of glory
May I glorify you with my life..
And find no other love as sweet as yours

May my love for you spill over..
Running into all my relationships
May it flavour all I do for others
And bring me through all hardships

Transform this heart, this love imperfect
Return me to your potter's wheel
Mold me, shape me, take me higher
Mark me with your Holy Seal

I could never give enough with this human heart of mine
So Lord.. fill me to overflowing with your Sacred Love Divine
Hide me in your Sacred Heart like a treasure I must seek
Keep me ever humble Lord..
Make me gentle, kind and meek

Never, ever let me go Lord
Hold me tightly to your side
May I forever shun all evil
All my sins I do despise

Let my light shine out so brightly
Dazzle all with your great love
May each person I encounter
Long to know your Grace and Love

May the whole earth resound forever
With all voices worshipping
God, the Father, our creator,
Spirit and Son, our Saviour King

Oh great triune and eternal God
I worship you in all three persons
At your throne I kneel and offer
Praises, Love and Thanksgiving

For worthy are you forevermore
To have all, honour praise and glory
May all creation now exalt you
Bow before you into all eternity
Lisa Maria.  Mar 2011.


Kristin Bridgman said...

How beautiful! This just made me want to fall to my knees and raise my hands at the same time:) I hope when music is put to the words, you can share it on here!
And may I say, the light is shining brightly through you! :)

h. rae said...

Beautiful lyrics! How wonderful to be able to sing your own inspirational praise!

Angie @ www.ourjoyfulliving.com said...

Come over for a visit