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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ever had one of those days? 

You know... the kind where you seem to have a sign on your back that says "Hello demons from hell.. I'm a little weak today.. come use me for target practice!" Ever had one of those days when you do something stupid because your brain seems to have decided it didn't feel like coming along with you when you left the house?  You can feel free to laugh... Kristin B are you there? ;-)

Today, I left the house without taking a shower, with greasy hair and flip flops on my feet, old jeans and no make up.. just to drop my daughter to school and make a quick stop for gas and to the bank machine. I jumped out of  the car and when I got inside I realized that the machine was out of order. I was a little annoyed that I'd have to do my transaction later on and hurried back to my car, whereupon I realised...

I'd locked the keys inside.. along with my handbag and cellphone!

I felt a knot of panic rise into my throat and swallowed it down. We've become so used to cell phones that there wasn't even a pay phone I could use. I started saying "Lord, please send someone to help me". After a few minutes I saw someone I knew from my daughter's old gym school and she lent me her phone. I tried to call home (I'd left the other two daughters ).. no answer. I tried my mother in law.. no answer. I didn't remember anyone else's number. I had a few seconds until the owner of the phone came back from using the ATM. It was useless to call my husband who was too far away (even if I had remembered his number.. I know .. that's terrible, but speed dial is it for me)

I tried home again and this time my daughter answered. I hurriedly told her what had happened and to try to get on to her grandma (who lives two streets away) and where the spare keys were. Then, I handed back the phone and stood there chewing a hole in my lip wondering what to do next.

What if they couldn't get anybody to come? I could take a taxi home but then what if they did get someone and that person was on the way. I also didn't like the idea of leaving  my car with the keys hanging in the ignition and my phone and purse inside.  I paced about and then asked a passing security guard if there was a phone I could use (it was too early for any businesses to be open yet) He said no. I walked all the way to the guard booth at the other end of the plaza and asked there. To cut a long story short, I got another phone borrowed and called home. My daughter said that her aunt (who lives several miles away) was on the way.

I heaved a sigh of relief and got to thinking  while I was standing there.. with greasy hair and looking a mess (I wondered if people thought I was begging.. I did get some strange looks from passersby) that God's hand was in this too.

The spare keys are usually in my handbag. I had switched handbags and the key had been left in the one that was at home. Thank God.. this could have been worse, I thought, the spare could have been locked in the car with my handbag. What then!

My daughters were both at home, which wasn't supposed to be either. I wouldn't have had keys to get into the house to get the spare (assuming it hadn't been locked in with the other bag).My mother-in-law was without a car, the odds of my sister in law being at home at that hour.. well.. Praise God!

Am I confusing you? Is your head spinning?

Mine is.. spinning with giddy relief and joy that God never abandons me.

So, if you are having one of those days...I totally empathize! So does Tami.. you need to read this post. It is going to make you smile and nod your head because I don't know any woman who cant relate.

Thank God for His love and His promise to be with us always! 

Sure hope I made you smile today.. we could always use a good laugh! Shine on shine strong for Jesus!


Andrea said...

Tomorrow will be better:-) HUGS!!!!

"Ima" said...

Oh my goodness-you had me laughing. I have so gone out of the house like that. Actually a lot. I love me some flip flops! Thanks for the laugh and for the reminder that even in those times, God is there.
I'm glad you got your keys and it worked out.

Lisa Maria said...

Thanks Andrea.. I know it will!

So glad I could make you laugh Ima.. laughter IS great medicine.

Crystal said...

Oh, I had a day like that yesterday. Today is much better.

Kristin Bridgman said...

Kristin B. here and just whatever do you mean by am I here (in my southern drawl) :)
I relate totally. If we were ever out together, what a pair we would be! Ethal and Lucy. . . (did you ever watch I Love Lucy?) This show came to mind as I was reading your story. :)
Thanks for the chuckle!!!

Jen said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the kind comment you left me after meeting me at Tami's. I'd love for you to consider linking up at Soli Deo Gloria -- you are such a great encourager!

And, I've so had a day like the one you describe. Grateful for my God!

Flamingo said...

yes i've had one of those days! i'm having one right now when i realized that i skipped over your comment in my email! you commented weeks ago!!

i'm glad you stopped by my blog and enjoyed reading all of your DIY tips!

I do want to ask if you are currently in trinidad? My sis n law's family lived there for a few months doing ministry in 2009!