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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love Is.. Part 2

Love is... #4

Love is... loving the rainy days as much as the sunny ones.

Love is... for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in richness or in poverty.

Love is...sharing the joys and caring in the sorrows... embracing the whole.

Love is... swallowing your pride in big whole chunks.. choking back the 'self'.

Love is...laying yourself bare, faults and all, child-like and trusting and hoping for grace.

Love is... taking a risk, breathless with wonder at how vulnerable you are.

Love is.. bending and doing this little dance of give and take..maybe giving more and taking less.

Love is.. taking another's burden upon yourself, even if yours is heavy enough.

Love is... persevering, tenacious.. holding on by a thread, hoping the other threads get caught up before it can break.

Love is.. the breaking of hearts that mend into purer vessels with greater capacity to love and to give.

Love is...pouring out yourself.. all of yourself, running rivulets of  sacrificial love into the streams of others.

Love is... giving grace, forgiveness, loving what seems to be unlovable.

Love is...when another's life becomes more important than your own.

Love is... laying down your own hopes and dreams so theirs can be fulfilled.

Love is...a gift.. straight from the Father's Hands.

Love is...emulating He who did all these things... for us... the broken, imperfect, ungrateful.

Today I want to celebrate what love truly is:

 My friend Kristin who has a heart for the homeless and, not only is part of a blanket ministry, but is working on telling their stories to the world.

My friend Tami.. sitting at her daughter's hospital bedside, pouring out her love, praying  and willing her to be well. Setting aside her own physical challenges to give to her loved one.

Women with a heart for adopting the orphaned or unwanted.

An outpouring of love and support from the Christian Community to a young mother.

Women who grieve reaching out to comfort each other.

A blogger friend  taking a moment to reach out to the elderly.

Young couples who have to separate so he can do his duty to his country.

Showing kindness and compassion to another young mom. This same person has an exceptional heart for missionary work.

To all these women, ordinary moms who serve an extra-ordinary God who gives them the grace to be exceptional and to all of you my blogger friends..each unique in her own way.. I wish you a day filled with love, laughter and peace.

Shine brightly for Jesus!


Patti Hanan said...

This is an inspiring list, Maria. I especially liked, "Love is.. the breaking of hearts that mend into purer vessels with greater capacity to love and to give." So true!

Christina said...

Such a great portrait of real love. The kind Jesus has for us. And I pray He helps me to have. Thanks!

"Ima" said...

I was trying to find my favorite line of "love is" but couldn't choose! And I am humbled and honored that I was there on that list of what love truly is. So thankful that you shared in this love as you prayed for her. Many blessings to you!

Lisa Maria said...

Tami.. I am honoured and thankful to have a friend with such a loving heart. Glad I could 'brag-blog' about you.:-)
Hope all is well at the nuthouse and you and Hazelnut have recovered.

Sending you hugs from across the seas.

Thank you to Patti and Christina for blessing me with your sweet words.

God bless you all!

Kristin Bridgman said...

What a wonderful post, full of love:)
I am also humbled and honored to have been a part of your list. I can honestly say that you are a friend, although I have never met you in person, I can say that I have a sisterly love for you that is real. I feel that our hearts have bonded and you will always be special to me. . .ok. . .enough of the mushy stuff! ;) Have a wonderful week-end.:)