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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time Flies.. Blessings Rain Down

Here I am.. counting down days.. days until my eldest goes back to college.. days until  my second born flies off to Spain.. days until the bills are due.

These days I have a love-hate relationship with the clock. Time just seems to be spinning out of control.. I look at my youngest and realize in just a few weeks she'll be in school, wearing a uniform and getting homework. I just can't wrap my mind around that!

I look at her all long-legged, lanky growing bigger, even as she spins and leaps and does her 'ballet' and 'gymnastics' moves for us.  Even as she wraps up her dollies in anything she can find and puts them in the drawers of her dresser to sleep and sprinkles powder everywhere! I know the innocence wont last and I'm counting down the days.. my heart both full of pride and joy in her and sadness at what is to come.

(Has anyone noticed I deliberately did not mention how I cannot wrap my mind around saying goodbye to my eldest two? I'm sure you get it!)

I am so thankful for these days.. with all my girls at home together. You should see my husband's face when he walks in the door and gets all these girls screaming "Daddy!" I think he's just as happy with my youngest jumping on him joyfully as with the older ones' teasing and chatter.

Counting down the days and counting down the blessings:

The sound of rain falling on the roof.
Thunder and lightning and chilly darkness.
Watching birds flock to eat fruit off of the roof of my shed in the back.
Squeals and giggles.. belly laughs and all!
Road trips together.. a husband who takes a whole day off just to take a drive with his girls.
A LONG weekend.. four days together and endless to do.
Going to the movies and shopping ... girl trip!
My mother's 74th birthday celebration.. time spent with my own siblings.
My in-laws' 53rd anniversary...chats with his parents.
A 'show' put on by my youngest.. laughing until I cry.
A 14 year old playing dress up with her little sister.. priceless!
Playing card games for candy... laughing late into the night.
Precious moments spent in heart to hearts.
A sweet text message from hubby.
Going to church with all four daughters.. a miracle and my greatest blessing this week!

Thank God for grace and for His provision.. I treasure all these blessings in my heart and I'm so grateful for a place to share them with others.

May you all be richly blessed by God and may your blessings spill over so you can shine brightly for Jesus!

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Joshlin said...

Great post! I am in a boat that is like yours. I only have one little boy, but my family is a happy one too. God's blessings are so many and His love is great! Have a great day!!!

"Ima" said...

Everytime I read your thankful posts, I'm just left smiling. These sound like wonderful memories you are making. I can just hear the giggling and love.

Brooke said...

rain is such a blessing on these hot days! and my parents garden is very grateful.

Lisa Maria said...

Joshlin..thank you for visiting..lest you get the wrong idea, its not always noisy because of happy moments. My girls have rowdy fights too. The blessings are that we can have fights, make up and share the love!

Tami I was just telling my girls we should be scrapbooking these moments cause I KNOW one day I'll probably not remember too much LOL!

Brooke, we're thankful for the rain too.. it can get pretty hot even though its the rainy season here.

Thank you for blessing me with a visit.. God bless!

Shanda said...

My one son was home 3 weeks and went back becauae he has to work. His twin brother leaves tomorrow and I won't see him till Christmas. Then my 17 year old is off to Africa next week for 7 weeks. I'm not wrapping my arms around it either. Even blogging isn't interesting me. Just want to cry :) :(

Lisa Maria said...

Oh Shanda, I know exactly how you feel. If it helps at all.. I just picture them walking off holding Jesus' hand and knowing He is with them, He is going to look after them for me.

On the bright side.. we're lucky, we have Skype and cell phones.. can you imagine my husband's parents sending him from the Caribbean to Canada and not being able to talk to him on a regular basis? I count my blessings that way. Cry if you want to.. but in the end smile at the opportunities they are getting and the knowledge that Jesus has got them in His arms :)

May God give you comfort and many blessings!