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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I have SO much to be thankful to God for this past week! He  is still in the miracle business.. that's for sure!  I believe I shared with you that my daughter had been broken-hearted to go back to university.. I was pretty broken-hearted to have to send her and bottled up my own feelings to give her encouragement and support and to tell her she has to complete what she started.. at least until or unless it truly is too much for her.

Well,  believe it or not her flight was cancelled.. not once, but twice! The first time was early on Saturday morning, they rescheduled us for Wednesday afternoon. I thanked God for the extra time and she was over the moon. I vowed to spend this time speaking life into her situation and praying to God for strength for her as well as for us, her parents.

Her mood darkened yesterday as the time drew near to leave. Her father came home half day to take us up to the airport and just as we were getting ready to leave, he said that a text message had come through saying that the flight was delayed for a few hours. She was overjoyed... a spark came back into her eyes. She even agreed to go with me to visit Jesus in the Chapel. I felt that the extra time was God-given for me to fulfill a promise I'd made to Him to bring her before Him, so we went. We could only spend 30 minutes but I felt that I had received Word for her.

We got back home and I went upstairs to get the two younger girls. I heard my husband laughing out loud and when I came to investigate, he said "The flight's been cancelled."  We were totally incredulous at this point! She started laughing too and the wheels in my mind just started to turn on high speed... "Lord, what does this mean.. twice? Are you trying to tell us something here?" My husband was thinking the same thing.

 Especially after reading this article* that was sent to us by a dear priest, we are honestly praying for discernment. We are taking the next few precious days to pray together and try to see what God's will is in this situation. Meanwhile, my daughter says if they cancel or delay the flight again.. that's it! She says nobody has to tell her something three times for her to get the message. So, dear friends, I'm kindly asking you to pray for us as well, that God will give us the answers we seek in this.

Meanwhile I'm counting my blessings:

A mysterious rattle in the car just disappeared (it will get checked soon).
Prayers of  friends.
Prayers of people I have never even met before.
That my second-born daughter could go to Spain for World Youth Day.
Watching her walk through the doors to the departure area.
Knowing this is but the first step to her new adventures as a young adult.
Tears as we part, seeing the sisterly love flowing.
The smell of freshly washed clothes.
Sun drying clothes.. me saving on the dryer and electricity bill.
Baking my own bread... the smell of  it just filling the house.
Flight cancellations!
Praying with my daughter.
Time in front of Jesus.
Finally hearing from my daughter in Spain.. she's great by the way.

Lord, thank you most of all that you never abandon us, you never stop pursuing us and, even in the trials, we can see your grace and your love.

*If anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share, please do! You can e-mail me lo.supersunshine@gmail.com

God bless and lets all shine brightly for Jesus!


Joshlin said...

Wow! What a wonderful time you had with your daughter. God blessed you with her and some extra time. I'm happy everything worked out for you. You have a wonderful list of things to be thankful for! Have a blessed day!

Elizabeth said...

What a story! I hope you'll be able to figure out how God wants you to move forward.

Despite severe financial difficulties, I'm thankful for so many blessings, including my 5 year old asking to watch "Little House on the Prairie" today. :)

Lisa Maria said...

Joshlin.. thank you for stopping by..I repaid the favour.

Elizabeth..I pray your situation improves, I'm in the same boat! I LOVE Little House on the Prairie..I think it IS a blessing that your daughter wanted to see it with you.

Melanie said...

It is hard to comprehend this! I will pray for clarity for all of you. Blessings!

e-Mom said...

Oh, it's so hard to say good-bye... I know, because we've just moved! For every door the Lord closes, a new one opens.

That's the place we are today. We've stepped through into the NEW. I hope both you and your daughter can grieve your losses and move forward. (You're so wise to stay strong for her outwardly.) Please Lord, no more cancelled flights!!!

Yes, we have so much to be thankful for, don't we?

(((Hugs))) e-Mom ღ