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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanking Him and Praising Him

My friends.. I am stealing a moment to write this because it just NEEDS to be written. I've spent the last two weeks being blessed by your words and having my own tumble around in my  heart and mind without the time to write them down.

I literally BEGGED God to give me time to do this because my heart cannot contain these words any longer. I have to share what marvels the Lord is working, even in this busy and overwhelming season.

Two weeks ago I wrote a Thankful Thursday piece on being grateful to God for his faithfulness and provision... even when it seems that situations are impossible and problems insurmountable. As I finished that piece, literally as I posted it,  my husband came into the room and said he hadn't purchased our daughter's airline ticket for her to come home for Christmas. We just simply didn't have the money and we would have to use our credit card, which we are determined to pay off and get out of debt.

The very next day my sister asked me to pick her up because her car had gone to fix and while we were chatting in the car, she pulled out an envelope and said "Don't say anything, I just want you to have this and don't argue either.. just take it as a gift from God". Tears came to my eyes as I realized it was about half the money for my daughter's ticket home. I hadn't even discussed my situation with her.. and yet... God was providing through her generosity!

It doesn't end there my friends... oh no! There is no limit to what our gracious God can do for us. Within the next week, both my husband and I received monetary gifts from relatives that we could put onto our credit card to help pay for her round trip tickets.

Last Thursday, I offered a Mass of Thanksgiving for my husband and youngest daughter's birthdays, for my daughter Brittany for all that God has done for her in her life and for my daughter in Florida and her own special needs. That very same night... on her daddy's birthday.. Brittany received news that she had placed second in all of the Caribbean in one of the subjects she'd written at exams this year. Excitement and jubilation filled my home that night as we celebrated with our extended family. Her words to me were: "Mom, look at that...you offered thanksgiving for me and I hadn't even gotten the news yet!"

My friends, keep on thanking and praising our God... never forget what He has done and continues to do for you! 

Praise Him and thank Him, even when things look bleak, hopeless and you are overwhelmed, fatigued and your faith is taking  a dip.

 Praise Him and thank Him even when the things to thank Him for seem small in comparison to your burdens.

 Praise Him and Thank Him,  even when your heart is aching or breaking or your world is falling apart.

In the midst of our praise.. the blessings will flow and flow.. and overflow .. and, like me,  your cup will runneth over!

Today I'm giving thanks with my friends:

Please visit and be blessed by what others are giving thanks for.


Sonya Schroeder said...

Lisa Maria I am SO blessed that the Lord opened up some time for you to write this, truly amazing and God all over it. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you SO much for sharing these moments with us!! What a blessings!!! Much love sister!!

Bekah said...

Praise the Lord!!! God is SO good!!! :)

bp said...

Praise God! Thanks for sharing your blessings of God's goodness to you and your family. That is just so wonderful!

martianne said...

What an awesome testimony! So encouraging! God IS goof.

LAURIE said...

So glad to see you here at THANKFUL THURSDAY today and oh what a praise report you have shared. God is so faithful and I rejoice with you that He has supplied your need. Giving thanks for His provision. ((blessings)) -Laurie

Kristin Bridgman said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! You've brought tears to my eyes too. I'm so happy for you and your family. I'm a praisin' and doin' the happy dance all at once. YIPEE!!! :)

e-Mom said...

A word fitly spoken! There's something powerful about giving thanks that opens the blessings of God... maybe it's our receptivity. Whatever the reason, I'm blessed that you've been so abundantly blessed!

Hugs, e-Mom