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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get Service or Give Service?

A fellow blogger shared this some time ago and I wanted to pass it on it because I think the message is so profound. It certainly resounded in my heart! As you know, I've been in a very busy season of life.. along with it has come moments of total impatience, lack of tolerance, irritation.. so much that is not in keeping with my role as a woman who is joyfully serving Her Lord and her family. I ashamedly and regretfully admit that I saw myself in that young man in the video. Do you see yourself too?

This 'Get Service' mentality is wide-spread and seems to infect the whole population of the world today! Everyone seems to be in a hurry, thinks no one else's time is important and it is manifested in a lack of common courtesies and respect for man or law. I see infractions of the law every day on my nation's roads. I see  self-centered people bulldoze their way through life without a thought or care for anyone else. I see people cutting in line in stores, people who cannot even say 'Good morning' or 'Thank you'. People who are rude and unkind to others.

What a crazy world we live in! If we had 'Jesus glasses', like the fellow in the video... I wonder what we would see. Would we run away from the overload to our senses and emotions? How could our Saviour take that amount of pain and overwhelming suffering upon Himself?

Yet, He did! He looked through the ages and saw ALL OF US.. our ancestors, our descendents.. the good, the bad and the ugly.. and then He opened His arms on the cross and gave His life for us anyway! Where is our own compassion and tolerance? How do we so easily forget our role as Christians?

I sat with tears streaming down my face as I watched this... this reminder that we are on this earth to SERVE not to be SERVED.

We are called to do everything we do with Christ in mind, for Him and through Him.. for love of Him who came to serve us!

How easy it is to fall in with the standards of the world.." Its a dog eat dog world and I don't want to be beaten so I'll take the offensive."   "Everyone is doing it... if I don't I'll just never get anywhere".    "Nobody cares, why should I?"    "I have my own problems.. let somebody else help."

The Good Morning Girls study of the book of 1 John has some very appropriate advice on this topic.  1 John 3:16 tells us "This is the proof of love, that he laid down his life for us and we too ought to lay down our lives for our brothers." 

When we act as the rest of the world does this is what we reap: 1 John 3 :17 "If anyone is well off in worldly possessions and sees his brother in need but closes his heart to him how can the love of God be remaining in him?"

The bible is clear ... see Matt 25:31-46... we will be judged according to how we loved on this earth, how we treated others and how Christ-like we have been. Matt 25: 40 "In truth I tell you, insofar as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me."

Jesus' Sacred Heart is full of compassion for all.. He calls us to have His heart here on this earth. I am convicted... I hope sharing this video convicts you too.

Psst...in the spirit of this post,  I just want to direct you over to my friend Kristin who has a heart for the homeless and hungry. Visit her at Ponderings and see what her latest mission is...and thank you!

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Tricia said...

Wow, powerful video. I will need to make a point of remembering to put on my Jesus glasses first thing every morning.

Joyfull said...

That was absolutely a powerful video! Thanks for sharing and reminding us to take a litle more time to be observant and serve!

Chelsey said...

Such a great video!!! I'd seen it before, but could watch it over and over!!