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Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Beyond

Today, I join the Gypsy Mama for:

Today's prompt is:



Beyond this present moment.. this season fraught with busyness and stress

Beyond this place of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

Beyond this fatigued and weary spirit

Beyond this endless weary climb

There is a vista, beautiful and captivating... a place where harvests are reaped, rejoicing is done and time stands still.

I want to tell my daughter these words.. I want to hug them to my own heart and believe them too. Sometimes we have to look beyond the present to see what glorious things the Lord has planned for us. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that all we endure now is but a passing moment and beyond this, there is something greater, something better awaiting us, crafted by the Master Crafter Himself.

Beyond the pain, beyond the stress, beyond the laborious and endless trial.. He is molding and shaping, purifying and teaching and someday.. beyond this, we will be where He wants us to be, we will be who he wants us to be..

if we could just look beyond.


Wishing you all a wonderful, blessed weekend full of joy and fun times with your loved ones.


P said...

I need to hear this today. Thank you!

Heart n Soul said...

yes, to see beyond the here and now. There truly is so much more :)

Amy said...

Yes, Beyond what we can See! We can't even imagine!

Kelly said...

so much YET to see and be apart of...isn't that what being a Family is about...experiencing it with Him. Good words today and thank for you the sweet words of encouragement on my blog- it means so much.

Stacy @ Heartprints of God said...

Beautiful words that reminded me once again faith sees beyond to what one day will be.

Thank you for sharing your heart and blessing mine-

Kristin Bridgman said...

Wow! I'm impressed you wrote this, so wonderful, in just 5 minutes?!
It's good to see you back here:)
You have a wonderful week-end too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-Marie - this is so true, if we had the faith to know that what God's word says about what is beyond our trials, we'd sail through them a little less fraught with angst. Great post and thanks for visiting me. I appreciate it.
God bless

Lisa Maria said...

Hello everyone... thank you for the blessing of your kind words! I believe I've visited each of you and been blessed for it.

God bless you all!

Craig said...

Amen, and Amen – the molding – the shaping – the teaching – if we could only look beyond. Thank you for reminding me – this is why I heart blogs in this community – I learn so much – I'm reminded of so much – I need to look beyond – because at the end of beyond is the beginning of God. I knew this to be true – but I needed reminding – and today you reminded me. And God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Lisa Maria.

Debbie said...

In five minutes?
You wrote this inspired piece in five minutes?

It is BEYOND anything I could do. I really love it.

h. rae said...

You're so right! How true this is! I love to read the amazing things people write in ONLY five minutes. Wow.

Beth in NC said...

Well said! Your post made me think of that song by Jesus Culture "Your Love Never Fades." Here are some of the lyrics, "And when the oceans rage, I don't have to be afraid, because I know that You love me! Your Love Never Fades. There may be pain in the night, but JOY comes in the morning!"

God bless you today!

Craig said...

Lisa Maria, no new words – I hope this just means that your life is busy – real life should always take precedent. And I think you're a mama right? So that should always take precedent. I just wanted to let you know that I've been here – and I heart your words. God bless and keep you and all of yours.