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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Our Homes Havens

Well, Courtney over at Women Living Well has a new challenge for us. I missed this one last year because I only discovered her wonderful blog late last year. If you click on the link above you will see the introductory video that Courtney created. In it she mentions how stressed and uptight she felt she was becoming in the midst of all the schooling schedules and extra-curriculars. Man, can I ever relate!

Its been stressful for me too these past four weeks. It hasn't helped that my poor daughter who isn't even five until late October is stressed too. Imagine getting her up and out of the door by 6:30am, feeding her breakfast in the car, taking up to an hour sometimes of traffic and then having her still get to school barely on time or late some days. Then there was having to drive my other daughter to work and the afternoon pick up from school, which requires going at least half an hour earlier to get a place to park! I've spent more time in the car than anywhere else lately!

I've been one uptight mama! Its showing in my relationships with my children and my husband. Its showing in how easily I fly off the handle for the smallest of things. It shows in how I feel overwhelmed and out of control. It shows in how I am not giving of my best, firstly to my Lord, then to my husband and children and in the way I serve them, my haphazard, half-hearted way of doing everything lately.

I was so happy when I saw this Challenge. I am determined to take part. I will be lighting my big candle every day, praying for peace in my heart first of all, then in my home. I will be praying for strength and wisdom, for patience in dealing with all that's coming at me right now. I will also be praying for all of you, my friends, and your different situations. 

Courtney has some really great ideas for making and keeping that sense of well-being and creating a haven in our home. Will you join us?


Nicole said...

Sounds interesting but the "link" only opens up the picture - no link!

Lisa Maria said...

Sorry about that Nicole.. thanks for pointing it out (symptom of my crazy days!) All fixed.. you can visit Courtney's original post and check out what she has up today after!

God bless!

Craig said...

Lisa Maria, I know of Courtney, I read her. I don't comment there, because what she is doing there is so clearly for women only. Even though, my "niche" is Christian mommy blogging – and I'm not a mom – or a dad – or a husband – I understand there are some places I should not make my presence known. And I heart that you will be lighting that candle, and praying for all that stuff, and I just finished a prayer myself – for you – and your heart – for your heart to be a haven to you – and your home to be a haven for your family. God bless and keep you Lisa Maria

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you Craig! Your prayers are truly appreciated. I do believe that Courtney welcomes comments from anyone though.. its always nice to get the male perspective on things.

God bless you!