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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful for the Cross

My dear friends... believe it or not, I started writing this post last week. Its been a really overwhelming time for me. I am struggling to balance it all and sacrificing time with the Lord as well as time to write. Needless to say this has me pretty upset. Nevertheless, I am here and ready to count down my blessings.. so many... if I just look past the human and see with my spiritual eyes!

Last week, on the 14th of September,  the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. It is a day when we venerate the cross upon which our Lord died and reflect on His loving sacrifice for us. It also happened to be my birthday. I have often wondered at the 'co-incidence'  (Remember friends, I stopped believing in co-incidences a long time ago!) of my being born on this feast day as well as having grown up in a suburban area called Santa Cruz... spanish for Holy Cross.

The church in which I was confirmed and married is called the Church of the Holy Cross! Hmm.. I wonder if God was preparing me from my early years to be a witness for Him and to carry my burdens for love of Him. Indeed, even as I reflect on 44 years worth of blessings and grace, I see how His hand has always been cradling me. I see how His love has formed and shaped me.

I grieve for those times when I was rebellious or disobedient to Him. I wish that I had loved him the way I ought to from very young. Nevertheless, He never leaves us to our folly. He chases after us and the Cross is a sign of that Love and Faithfulness that He bears.

Today, as I ponder these things, I want to ask you my friends.. do we always carry our burdens for love of Him, who carries ours?

Today, I'm thankful for the Cross.. my debt and yours paid in full.

I'm thankful for the way God never stops loving us and chasing after us. I'm thankful for His presence and influence all my life. I'm thankful for each blessing, big and small...

For grace to get through the tough times
For the strength that only  He can  provide
For HOPE that springs eternal
For the blessing of family
For birthday blessings
For roses from my husband
For a daughter's thoughtfulness
For another daughter's willingness
For blessed memories
For the blessing of friends
For powerful testimonies
For the ways He shows me His awesomeness!
For cuddling with my youngest and savouring some quiet time
For the doors God is opening in my 18 year old's life .. MAY HE BE PRAISED!
For, FINALLY.. getting some time online to write..THANK YOU LORD!
For the knowledge that I have strong shoulders to lean on
For the grace of forgiveness

Our God is awesome and I thank Him that in the midst of this crazy, seriously busy and stressful time of adjustment for me and my youngest daughter, I know that He understands. The burden of the crosses I carry is but a sliver of the one He carries for me.

Be blessed my friends as you count down your own blessings today and always... let us always remember the debt that He has paid!


Sonya Schroeder said...

Oh Lisa Maria these are wonderful gifts and most of all great reminders. Thank you for sharing them and linking up!! Love ya girl

Tami Boesiger said...

You just pumped me up, girl! I love what you have to say here. It made me sit a little taller in my chair!

MommyMandi said...

The way HE shows HIS awesomeness, indeed!

Misty said...

Wonderful post and reminder. I too am thankful for the cross and the little non-coincidences in my life. Thank you for sharing.


Lisa Maria said...

One other thing I'm thankful for... great friends who leave sweet comments! Thank you everyone!

Erika Shupe said...

Nicely written post, very encouraging!