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Thursday, September 22, 2011

God's Awesomeness Revealed

I am late for linking up with the Good Morning Girls for Women in the Word Wednesday, but I just HAD to write this post. We are studying the book of 1 John for the Fall Bible Study.

I don’t believe in coincidences. When my friend Kristin posted this article, I had not even cracked open the book of 1 John as yet.  I read her post on Tuesday morning and on Tuesday afternoon, as I was sitting in the car waiting for my daughter’s school to let out, I began reading my bible study.

Amazingly, these words leapt out at me:

Declaring x 2

1 John 1:1 “Something which has existed since the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our own eyes, which we have touched with our own hands, the Word of Life – this is our theme."  - New Jerusalem Bible

This verse tells us that the God, who has always existed,  was manifested in Jesus… the Word incarnate, that He might be seen and touched and heard.. that we might believe.

Kristin’s testimony had resounded in my heart and it ties in with this study for me. What I’ve learned this week is that we have a responsibility to share these stories with others, to declare the ways in which God has revealed Himself to us, so that others may build their own faith in Him!

1 John 1:2 “That life was made visible, we saw it and are giving our testimony, declaring to you the eternal life, which was present to the Father and has been revealed to us”

The truth is that God uses our faith in Him to work miracles every day. Just as the disciples were witnesses  by their testimonies of all that they saw and heard and touched and felt so that millions of people, through thousands of years, would have faith… so must we testify and make visible to others His presence.

What ways have you experienced the awesomeness of God? 

Were they huge… like Kristin’s? Some of mine were… like seeing my dying father reach out and smile as if some beautiful Heavenly being had come to take him home. There was also the time I had that car accident I mentioned here.

Some were not so huge, but awesome just the same… like laying hands on my ill,  young daughter in the middle of the night and praying for God to stop the awful, wracking cough that was keeping us both up. He was faithful to hear my prayer that night!

1 John 1:3 "We are declaring to you what we have seen and heard so that you too may share in our life. Our life is shared with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ."

God uses testimonies like Kristin’s to build His kingdom. I invite you to hop over to her blog, Ponderings  and see what awesome fruit is being yielded by her obedience to Him. I promise you, you will be blessed!

Would you like to share a story on how you felt God's awesomeness in your own life? I'd be honoured and blessed to hear it.

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