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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Five

Hello friends!

First off, I apologize for the dead, cold silence from this site for the past.. my goodness.. its been 2 weeks already! The time is just flying by and it has been impossible to write... anything of substance that is. You deserve the best so I will not waste your time with the trivial.

The month of October is one of my busiest months. We have a total of 5 birthdays in the family and three of them are in my own household. My daughter and I usually bake all the cakes for the birthdays and this year we are planning two parties, so I also have this to add to my crazy schedule.

The number 5 is an important number this year.. my third born turned 15 yesterday and next week my youngest turns 5 and my husband 50. So, in order to keep up with the spirit of things, I am going to list 5 things that I am so thankful to God for.

  1. His Amazing Grace  I am a broken creature, flawed and hopelessly marred by original sin. I fight against the trappings of my human nature...I fall, again and again.  Stress brings out the worst in me! But my God is so gracious, He stretches out his hand and lifts me out of the mire that I allow myself to be sucked into... by my pride, by my selfishness, by sinking into my old skins and allowing resentment or bitterness to wrap itself around me.  Psalm 40:2 "He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire. He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand" His Grace covers over like a healing balm and I am set free, washed clean to start anew. 
  2. Holy Spirit Fire! He sets me on fire...burns me in order to purify. He convicts my heart of its wrongdoing. He instructs me, empowers me and shows me His  will. Psalm 25:4 "Show me your ways, Oh Lord, teach me your paths."
  3. For His promises that last forever! The Lord is faithful to His word. He takes care of us, even when all seems impossibly lost.. He saves the day. Deuteronomy 7:9 "Know therefore, that the Lord, your God, is God, he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands" He's my hero! We can depend upon Him, place all our hope and trust in Him.. He NEVER disappoints! 
  4. The Gift of Life. Today I give praise and thanks to God for life.. mine and those of my husband and children. I thank Him for all the years of provision, of nurturing, of protecting. His hand was with us always and He never stopped hunting us down to bring us back when we strayed. As half of my family celebrates birthdays this week, I will not forget the blessings bestowed upon us all these years and the blessings of wife-hood and mother-hood he bestowed upon me through the gift of life he gave to them.
  5. All of You! I haven't had time to write but I've been so inspired and encouraged by reading your blogs.. I still have a lot of catching up to but I make an effort to visit and read. You are all a blessing and I'm grateful to God for this place where I can come and be refreshed. Thank you to all of you for spreading such joy and inspiration.. be encouraged and don't stop writing!
I would just like to mention...if any of you follow Darlene Schacht at Time Warp Wife, I'm sure you have been blessed by her writing. Please pray for her and her family as her father is ill and in his last moments. 

Thank you and may God bless you all and your families and your writing/ministries.


Bridget said...

His grace endures forever!

Chelsey said...

LOVE all of these and especially #1. Wonderful! :)

Daily Grace said...

I am glad I found your blog today. I read you comment on the Community of Catholic Bloggers and liked your reply.

Your blog is lovely and I enjoyed your "Thankful Five".

I will be back ;)

God bless

Megan (Inspired by Fiction) said...

This is a beautiful list! Such wonderful Truths! Thanks!

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you ladies.. I was blessed by visiting your blogs too.

God bless!

Carol said...

God is so good. He wants us to seek Him and He helps us. I enjoyed your list.
Thank-you for your visiting my blog.
May your week be blessed with joyful celebrations of the birthdays!

Profile said...

Five birthdays. Wow.... What a great post and I will also head over to visit Darlene. I adore her. Hugs and happy TT. See you again this week. Lynn

e-Mom said...

LOL, 5 certainly figures mightily in your family's life right now. Isn't that fascinating!?!?

Yes, fall is a busy time for most of us. Keeping up with blogging can certainly be a challenge!