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Friday, January 21, 2011

Women Living Well Blog: The 25 Day Praise Plan - Marriage Challenge

Women Living Well Blog: The 25 Day Praise Plan - Marriage Challenge

Hello everyone, I'm still feeling my way around the whole blog thing. Learning as I go along! I probably did this all wrong but I wanted to post a link to this challenge, which I have started.

As usual, whenever we try to do something good for others, our marriages or something that glorifies God, the enemy steps in and starts trying to create havoc. Yesterday, I was reminded to keep my guard up at all times because he prowls about like a jackal, snapping at our heels. And boy, did he ever start snapping at my heels!  I had to call to mind James 4:7 "..resist the devil and he will flee from you".. that guy has no power except that which we give to him...I have to always keep that in mind, its so easy to allow myself to be trodden down instead of taking control!

I've read quite a few ladies' comments in the past few months about their marriages and their husbands' faults etc. I've read about serious trials and heartache. I know that for many it may seem like everyone else has a dream marriage, the fairytale come true. Nothing could be further from the truth. We all have trials, we all have faults, we all have heartaches.

I want to encourage you to take this challenge and see what God can do in your marriage. I've just come over the top of the peak, after a long, arduous climb. I've been in that place where you feel like maybe there's no chance of getting over the top, the heartache seems like its too much, the trials too burdensome. I was encouraged by Jesus to keep climbing - with Him. He held my hand, He comforted me, He encouraged me, He gave me strength. More importantly, He was true to His promises. I saw so much change wrought in such a short space of time. I saw miracles as He promised to make all things new... AND HE DID!

Ladies, don't ever let anyone tell you that anything is impossible... Our God is the God of the impossible and He can and will work wonders in your life, if you let Him. So open up your heart today, give him the reins to your marriage and see where He leads you.. there's no better place to start than with this challenge.

A lot of the things that Courtney suggests you do are things that I had started doing, prompted by the Spirit, as well as on the good advice of people like Dr Emerson Eggerich  (Love and Respect series) and Dr Scott Haltzman (The Secrets of Happily Married Men/Women). Good recommended reading if you are interested in improving the quality of your relationship and marriage.

So, thanks to Courtney for this wonderful opportunity to be blessings to our husbands and to build up the romance, drama and excitement as we head into Valentine's Day. I'm a hopeless romantic myself so I love any excuse to drag out the big cannons ;-) Its even more special for me because my husband and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary just after Valentine's Day.. so I'll be keeping the ball rolling for a little while longer than you ladies.

God be with all of you and I hope the weekend is a wonderful one full of good family fun, love and laughter.

God bless


Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

OH I am so glad you are joining me on the challenge AND I love your openness about trials that come in every marriage! You are so right and we must press on through - and let God guide us! Keep walking with the King!

Soccer Mom in Giggle Town said...

I have been a Christan most of my life and not until recently I have given Him complete control of my life and allowing Him to transform me. Since I have my marriage and the relationship with most for the people has improved. All this time I was praying for them waiting for them to change, yet it wasnt until my heart was changed that things got better.

God is the God of all possibilities!

blessings & giggles

Lisa Maria said...

I am so thrilled and humbled to know that what I write is touching someone's heart! It is particularly an honour to see people like Courtney and Angela checking in. I pray that God will continue to inspire and use me and I can't wait to see what exiting thing He's got around the corner! Thanks for reading.