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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspired by God's Creation

Today I'm linking up with all the other women in the Good Morning Girls Summer Book Club where we're studying Sally Clarkson's wonderful book "The Ministry of Motherhood". This week we're learning about the gift of Inspiration.. how do we inspire our children to get a sense of the awesome power and presence of God in our everyday lives and how do we inspire them to reach out to others and show them God's love.

In Chapter  7, Sally tells us of a time she and her daughter just dropped everything on a particularly stressful day and ran outside to look at a spectacular sunset, which lifted both their souls out of the doldrums. She says "Its so easy for our human spirits to get bogged down in the tangible realities of each day.." Oh how true this is.

I'm so guilty of  rushing around all day without stopping to 'smell the roses'. When my little daughter points out a pretty flower or butterfly, its an automatic response that I give her most times. This study has brought to my attention that I'm losing out on a valuable opportunity to teach her about how God created all this for us because He loves us.

Recently, we had a heavy downpour and there was some thunder.. we're in for a lot more of this weather as the rainy season/hurricane season is upon us. Lillie absolutely hates thunder and although we laughed when she dove under the covers to hide, I realise it was a timely opportunity to teach her about the awesome power of God. A God, so powerful He could create strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning but gentle enough to give us beautiful rainbows, gentle breezes, awesome sunrises or sunsets and a sky full of night stars and a gorgeous full moon.

 I should be showing her, showing all of them,  how this same God has us in the palm of His hand and He is strong enough to take care of us and loving enough to want the best for us.

In this same Chapter 7, Sally points out how life was often hard on the disciples, but Jesus would help them to experience the presence of God to inspire them by using all the things that He had created. He also ministered to many people this way, encouraging them to think beyond their individual situations and hardships to the God of all creation who would provide their needs.

She quotes Matt 6:25-26 "That is why I am telling you not to worry about your life and what you are to eat, nor about your body and what you are to wear. Surely life is more than food and the body more than clothing! Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father fees them. Are you not worth much more than they are?"

This verse is very close to my own heart. I have always felt closer to God when I am in His creation. I used to sit and pray looking out my bedroom window. It was in one of these times that God made a covenant with me using a little bird outside my window... this is the very same scripture that confirmed this word I received.

Yes, the awesome power and majesty of God present in His creation always lifts my spirit and I know that it can do the same for my children. Recently, I was having a particularly bad day and my eldest daughter and I had an argument. I went to her room to make amends and told her how I had been overset by all the things weighing my mind and somehow the dam broke while I spoke with her and tears poured from my eyes as I tried to explain why I'd been so uptight.

Suddenly she touched my hand and said "Look". I wiped my eyes and looked.. outside her bedroom window was a little bird in a nest. Fresh tears poured from me as I realised this tangible evidence of God's love and covenant with me.

Unwittingly, my daughter had showed me the very thing I needed to see... a reminder that no matter how bleak things look, God ALWAYS keeps His promises and we would be okay.

This week I've made a commitment to use the opportunities that present themselves to point out to my children the presence of God all around us, especially the youngest whose sense of awe is still easily inspired and who can become excited just by seeing a strange bug.

What I have learned mostly from the chapters I studied this week, is that it is not enough for me to pray for my children, or enough for them to see me living out my faith, these things are certainly important, but I also have to be intentional in how I bring them to their own sense of God, their own relationship with Him.

 I'm lucky in that all of my children love nature and animals and being in the great outdoors, thanks to this wonderful book, I now see that I can use this love and fascination with God's creation to also inspire them.


Kristin Bridgman said...

We all love nature too! When my first born was working towards his Eagle Scout, he was going for the insect study badge for his sash. He had to catch 50 different kinds of insects and label them. We had so much fun finding all those different bugs and talked so much about the creator of them and how unique each one was. I'm also a bird watcher. I spend a LOT of time outdoors and talking with the Father as I work, or swing, or hammock, or go out by the pond:) When my boys were little, we went for a lot of walks and would talk about GOd and all that he had created and gave me lots of opportunities to have wonderful conversations about God with them. It was as good or better out there in nature as it was at our school table:)

Lisa Maria said...

Kristin..well, you've done better than I have.. I wish I'd used those times to talk to them more about God. Better late than never I guess! If I lived where you do, I'd surely love outdoors too!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Well, We talked about God all the time and Keith and I felt we modeled as well as we knew how, but it's not a guarantee for a child to walk that narrow path when they become of age as you have seen with us. But it's also the hope that ours will return completely to that path he knows of well.
I can tell you are doing an awesome job. . .I wouldn't mind you adopting me ;)

"Ima" said...

Well, everything about this was beautiful-the thoughts behind the book, thoughts of God and His creation, and your heart towards your girls. How special to read this. Your girls are blessed to have you as a mom. And the faithfulness of God is so amazing-I love that He reminded you of His promise exactly at time when you needed it. Praying for times to "bring them to their own sense of God, their own relationship with Him." That was a great sentence. Thanks for sharing this.

Lisa Maria said...

Kristin.. you always make me smile! I continue to pray for you and I know God is working behind the scenes.. in His timing all will be well.

Tami, you are always so sweet and encouraging. Thank you for the blessing that you are!

Sonya Schroeder said...

Hi Lisa Maria just wanted to stop by and say HI I have not seen you in a bit. I hope you are well.. Hugs Great post :)