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Monday, June 6, 2011

Counting down the days in blessings

Whew! How quickly the week goes by! Anyone else feel like grey hairs are popping up faster too? :-) Well, we've had another crazy week in our household. Somehow time just whirls on by and I'm getting a little worried that I'll blink and I wont have a houseful of girls anymore! This is a good time to remind myself that I need to savour the small stuff and not stress on the rest of it. 

241. A daughter's zeal to help spruce up the house.
242.  Unexpected wee-hour chat with a daughter who wanted to unburden her heart.
243. Comforting words and loving hugs.
244. That I slip and fall but His Grace endures.
245. That I never stop learning and growing in His Light.
246. For quiet times in His Presence.
247. For the unbridled joy and exuberance of a four year old.
248. For contagious laughter that breaks foul moods.
249. For the rainbow that comes out after the storm.
250. For a daughter's creativity and love of nature.
251. That His covenant stands... forever and ever!
252. That even when I cannot see the way, He MAKES one.
253. That "because He lives, I can face tomorrow".
254. For the blessing of my husband who's shoulders are so broad.
255. For love that grows stronger in the face of many trials.
256. For precious time spent with my two oldest children.
257. For old wounds aching that remind me of how much He has done for me.
258. That out of the ashes rises a stronger, more beautiful creation.
259. That He chooses me, a lowly fallen creature, to help others.
260. For all my blogger friends who inspire and encourage me.. thank you all!

See you next week, I wonder what awesome things we'll all have to be grateful for then! Hop on over to Ann's and be blessed by others thankful lists.

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