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Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Minute Friday...Beyond!

Its been a while since I participated in Five Minute Friday...to tell the truth its been a while since I participated in much of anything. There's been so much going on around here. When I saw today's prompt though, it resonated with what's been happening to me and I believe it is the perfect vehicle to give a wonderful testimony. So, here goes...


What an awesome God we serve! He reminds me that His Grace is sufficient...it goes

BEYOND my fears

BEYOND my weaknesses

BEYOND my insecurities

BEYOND my human capabilities


Two days ago, I lost my cheque book. I'd taken it with me to the doctor, but when I opened my  handbag to pay him...IT WASN'T THERE!!

It wasn't in the car, it wasn't at home...I was so anxious about what had happened to it. I could only think  that it had fallen out of the car into the road and I hadn't seen it. I felt awful...how could I be so careless?

This morning, I went out with my husband and opened my handbag to get a tissue....there was my chequebook, stuck in the middle of one of my journals!

Okay, let me be specific here...this journal is an old one from 2010..its a record of my meditations with the Lord and has some powerful Word in it.  It has resided on my bedside table, in a drawer since I put it there.

How did it get into my handbag? How did the cheque book...which my husband and I had searched for frantically...end up in there?

God is so wonderful!  I took this miraculous turn of events to mean that He was sending me the message that He is taking care of me...ALWAYS...BEYOND the boundaries of natural law. HE IS THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE!


Just a little note to verify...all that wonderful Word I had received...well, I really needed to read it all again...right here, right now, in this particular season.  GOD IS GREAT!!


Denise said...

Good post.

Unknown said...

So lovely. I love when God does that to me. Thanks for sharing. He is so good. Visiting from Gypsy Mama.