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Monday, March 19, 2012

Multitude of Heavenly Kisses

Last week, sweet Angela over at Good Morning Girls wrote this wonderful article.   In it she introduced the idea that God gives us 'kiss marks.'   Are you asking yourself what that's all about?   Well, go on over and read it. I'll wait for you....

I couldn't get the thought of Heavenly Kisses out of my mind and I reflected on the multitude of ways that I have received 'kiss marks' from my loving Father. A Father who is so faithful to His promises.

How could I ever count those kisses? They are innumerable! I'll share the latest with you:

A few weeks ago, I had to take my daughter to the ophthalmologist. She was prescribed glasses in October 2010.  She had only just turned four. My heart broke,  so did her glasses...well, not break exactly but bent out of shape so many times...more times than I care to say! I was embarrassed at how often I had to take them to be repaired.

As time went by I would ask God to please, pretty please, if He would... heal her eyes. She started off wearing those glasses faithfully for school every day, for over a year, but around January, I noticed that she would not have them on when I picked her up from school. She argued that she could see without them, I argued that she needed to wear them, though a little hope fluttered in my heart...could God have answered my prayer?  I made an appointment for her with my own ophthalmologist and spent the time in the waiting room  praying fervently (both for strength, because she hates when the drops go into her eyes and for healing).

Kiss Of Healing
The first little butterfly kiss was this... while praying for her I felt God saying to me "Do you want me to heal her or you?"(That story is coming up next.) I said "Heal her Lord!" with tears in my eyes and fear clenching my heart.  I left that doctor's office with tears in my eyes and so much gratitude in my heart. My daughter doesn't need to wear glasses. My doctor said her prescription is so mild it isn't necessary right now and we'll monitor her on a yearly basis! What an awesome God we serve!

Meanwhile, I knew that I needed to check up on my own eyes. I've neglected my health for a long time and about seven years ago, the pressures in my eyes were high...a sign of glaucoma, a disease which leads to loss of eyesight. I was supposed to follow up on it and didn't. The following year I became pregnant and just focused on my baby. As the years passed, I didn't think about it until recently when I felt that my eyesight was deteriorating.

Kiss of Consolation
I knelt in church one morning, fretting about this and the cost I could incur doing all the testing and the cost of new glasses. I was anxious too about whether I could be losing my eyesight. I glanced up and there in the sanctuary, fluttering about in the roof above the altar, were two little birds. Immediately, peace filled my heart as I felt His voice reminding me of His covenant with me. "As I clothe the birds of the air, so will I provide for you."

As the day of my appointment drew closer, I visited with Him in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel almost everyday. I knew that I had asked Him to heal my daughter instead of me, so I begged Him to give me the courage and strength to face whatever the outcome would be of my visit. I was afraid, yet I knew I had to surrender to Him. The words of Matt 6:27 filling my mind ...I had no control over this and so I had to trust in Him.

Kiss of Faithfulness
My appointment was on Friday morning, last week. My husband took me, since with the drops in my eyes I wouldn't be able to see properly for a few hours. I sat in the waiting room, my humanity trembling, my heart lifted to the One who holds me in the palm of His hands. My husband whispered a prayer with me before I went in.

It was a lengthy visit as I also had to do a 'vision fields' test, which determines whether or not loss of peripheral vision is evident. My doctor is very thorough and he checks for all diseases of the eyes, measures eye pressure etc. I was given a clean bill of health, but I have to have a check up every year. The icing on the cake...I didn't need to change my glasses!

I can't begin to tell you how my heart swelled with love and gratitude to Him! The visit was costly because of the vision fields test, but so much less than I would have paid for new glasses! What a faithful God He is! I place my faith and trust in Him and He rewards it with more than I could ever hope for.

These are just three examples of 'kiss marks' the Father has bestowed on me. If I had the memory, time and space, I could probably write into eternity about His kisses. He kisses us from the moment of conception! Isn't that an awesome thought!

I reflected on this as I listened to the Second Reading at Mass yesterday. Ephesians 2:4-10 "But God, being rich in faithful love, through the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our sins, brought us to life with Christ..."  Of course, there is more:

Thank you Father for your faithful love and all the ways you touch us with Heavenly Kisses.

How has God left 'kiss marks' on you? I'd love to hear your own stories.

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Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing your God kisses. I've been wearing glasses since I was eight...

Sarah said...

Thanks for splashing me with God's goodness today. I hope you don't mind if I wade around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all things good..



Shanda said...

So thankful for both of you! what a blessing to have that answer to prayer over your young daughter and her faith too.

Craig said...

your kiss marks – they were brilliant. And I'm glad about your eyes – and I think you're right – there are an eternity's worth of kiss marks already on us – every touch of God in our past present and eternal future – and what you saw as you looked up in that church, that God protects even the birds...even when I don't feel it, I believe it. Reading you, my friend, inspires those feelings to accompany that belief. Thank you Lisa Maria, and God bless and keep you!

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you Leanne..I'll be popping by to visit your place.

Sarah..it was nice to meet you and I took a dip over at your place too.

Shanda...thanks for the opportunity to link up and for your kind words.

Thank you so much Craig. Its nice to know that you can be blessed by my words. I know that I am always blessed visiting your place.

God bless you too!

Denise said...

Such sweet kisses.