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Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Trust

Its Friday again! I really enjoy linking up with Lisa Jo for five minutes of writing from the heart...check out the link to join in.  This week our prompt is:

TRUST... a simple little five letter word that holds a wealth of meaning.

When I put my hand in yours.... when I said 'I do'... it was because I trusted you...with my heart, with my future, with my life.

When I was pregnant with our first child... I was a child myself... afraid of the future, but I trusted you to take care of us.

When I made that big decision to give up my job and be a full time mom...I trusted you would provide.

All through the years... 22 of them in all... there was a trust that we were in this together... forever

Sometimes trusting was hard... my own weak flesh and the insecurities that would arise yet we prevailed.

Broken and remade in the image of Christ... trust is more beautiful and stronger, when God is the third strand in the chord.

I TRUST YOU WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE AND MY HEART...  for however long God chooses to keep us here on this earth.

ONE WEEK UNTIL MY 22ND ANNIVERSARY AND I'M WOOING MY HUBBY WITH WORDS...cause sometimes we have to do the pursuing.


Katie Kump said...

Thank you for sharing, Lisa. I'm 6 1/2 weeks away from my first anniversary with my husband less than halfway through a year-long deployment. We're learning all our "first year" lessons with thousands of miles between us, but it's always encouraging to hear perspective a few decades down the road. Thank you for your example and praise Jesus for 22 years!

Craig said...

sometimes I read a post and I get a tiny bit teary eyed – that just happened – a smile – and my eyes a little bit wet. I hearted this. I really did – and I just said a prayer for your marriage – for your marriage to be whole, and solid, and full of trust and love. God bless you my friend. And God bless and keep each and every one of yours Lisa Maria.