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Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Colour

Today I join the Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday. Click on the link to join in the fun and see what others have written.

Today's prompt is the word COLOUR:


You colour my world gold, oh Father,
the richness and splendour of You, the strength of  Your arm
Your provision and protection...thank you my God.

You colour my world green...my husband, my strength
You are the sane and stable harbour I sail into from the storm, the one who walks beside me,
 my love and my life.

You colour my world blue... my first born...
So much like your mama, no parties for you, bursting with words inside, ready to pour out on paper Serious..too serious but inside a heart that's waiting for love to fill it up and make it blossom.

You colour my world red...
my second born... with your passion for life and love of people
Loud and exuberant, bursting with energy...the life of the party, your mama's right hand.

You colour my world yellow.. my third and once upon a time baby..
so introverted, your quietness hides a heart of gold, your compassion and caring for others, your love for art and animals...you are the ultimate sunshine child... you light the world with your bright star.

You colour my world orange, my last born daughter
even though your favourite colour is pink ;-)
A mixture of happy sunshine and endless energy
Everyone smiles when they see you
Joy bubbles up and spills all around you.

You colour me ... like a rainbow.. you are all my promise of better tomorrows, you show me the love that keeps me going.. that circle that comes right back to me.. I give and I take and the colours explode around me and fill me to overflowing with joy and pain, passion and love..fill me with life!



Leebird said...

Beautiful! I have a colorful family too. But no baby girl. All boys for me. Enjoy your blessings this Christmas

Kristin Bridgman said...

I LOVE this!
You color my world too all the way across the ocean :)

Lisa Maria said...

Thank you Lee...I enjoyed visiting your place too.

Kris...strange you should say that! I actually thought of all my blogger friends colouring my world too, but I had already done this and the rule is NO EDITING. Thank you for being a bright spot of colour to me too!

Love & Hugs

brittany said...

love your take on {color}!

e-Mom said...

Very nice!!! I love colours ("oUrs" yes!). Have a blessed weekend.


e-Mom said...

P.S. Merry Christmas, Lisa Maria! God bless you all the year through.

Hugs, e-Mom ღ

Alyssa Santos said...

What a fun prompt this time, wasn't it? I love how your colors recounted the blessings from God. We have so much to be thankful for.Bless you! Alyssa

Craig said...

the colors, the symbolism, and the circle that comes back around to you – thank you for this. And your daughters color being orange although her favorite color is pink – I kind of hearted that. And you did this all in 5 min.? Amazing. My favorite part was the circle coming back to you. Anyway, Lisa Maria, I want to thank you for being there last week, your words were important. And I also want to tell you that I am reducing my posts from 10 per week on the two blogs to eight – this way I'll have more time to read the blogs that I heart, like you for instance. I just haven't been able to read you enough. I need to make more time. There are only so many hours – you're a mama – so I know you understand this. Now more hours should be made from my friends. Anyway, thank you, Merry Christmas, and God bless you and all your colors.

Craig said...

just me – just back again – just so that you know I was here :-) I'm not going anywhere – and I heart to read you – and I'm thankful my words crossed paths this year. God bless and keep you Lisa Maria.

Sharon said...

This is a beautiful poem.
Thank you for your sweet comment and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.
God Bless<